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There are few things as impressive as arriving somewhere important in a chauffeur driven car. It's considered to be a luxury for the few, but the truth is that for many people it's a valuable investment, saving time, making life much easier and giving the right impression.

"Travelstar UK consistently delivered an impeccable service; all their drivers are always punctual and their fleet of quality and comfortable cars took away the stresses of a long weekly commute.  I would definitely recommend and reuse at the next opportunity." - Casey Collins - Management Consultant - Devizes, Wilts

Saving Time

It's not just being able to work, or read the paper in comfort whilst being driven, its finding the fastest route, not being late and then not having to worry about parking that makes the difference. Travelstar will always get you to wherever you want to go right on time and with the minimum fuss.

"Excellent Service- Geoff was a gem." - Gordon Ramage, Long Street Dental, Devizes

Making Life Easier

You've been collected from your own door, at the pre-appointed time, now you're reclining in the back of a comfortable limousine, enjoying the scenery slip by. At your destination you'll be able to just step out and walk away, no troubles, no fuss, no parking.

The Right Impression

Want to impress? Get Travelstar to collect your client for that important meeting, or to take them home after a liquid lunch, or to collect them from the airport or hotel…few things make such a good impression as attention to detail, and going the extra mile by supplying a chauffeured car for a client will always set you apart from your competitors.

Flagship of the Travelstar Fleet is our wonderful Mercedes 'S' Class Limousine, a real businessman's express. With a long wheelbase giving plenty of legroom in the back, comfortable heated reclining seats throughout, individual lighting, a/c and heating and a concert hall quality Harmon Kardon Surround sound system… this is discrete comfort at its very best. There's plenty of room in the boot for luggage, and the Mercedes air suspension guarantees a magic carpet ride.

To check availability of these cars, and the rest of our fleet, email us, or call 01380 726664.

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